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In most instances, images of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have depicted destructions, political activities, and violent human relationships, focusing on news or documenting anecdotic situations. Media coverage and analyses often respond to the problematic of the moment, and consider how macro-political entities and individual leaders interact.

This project focuses on civil servants, as well as some military personnel and civil activists, on the Israeli and Palestinian sides, as well as among the international community operating locally. It presents a series of 35 photographs portraying mostly government staff members, taken on location in their respective office and involved daily in administering concrete conflict-related issues. As such, it depicts the more realistic, less glamorous, drier and more concrete professional aspects of the conflict, mitigated by these people’s individuality and demonstrates a reality usually not seen. Indirectly, it looks at the local heavy administrative machinery tasked to implement official policies.

Available as a multimedia piece, mixing still portraits and edited audio from recorded interviews, this work can be shown on a computer screen or projected on a wall, although the main concept is to organise an installation reproducing an office in a gallery context. The idea is to build a space where the viewers could consult the work sitting at a desk with various elements of stationary onto it. They could thus look at the prints organized in separate binders by nationality, and watch the slideshow on a computer while listening to the audio using an old telephone linked to the computer like a headphone.