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January 2014, FRANCE & ELSEWHERE

Release of my new series with toilet graffitis projections in the countryside: "WC Wild Art".


December 2013, MADAGASCAR

Photo series about presidential and legislative elections in Madagascar, shot in parallel to other work. Visible on Picturetank agency's webpage.


July 2013, FRANCE & EGYPT

Production, filmmaking and editing of an institutional video about GMES & Africa (the EU's Global Monitoring Environment System), on behalf of the Joint African European Strategic partnership. Filming took place during a workshop in Sharm El Sheikh.


November 2012, FRANCE

Release of the book "Deweneti & bon appétit" in "Afro Food for thought", edited by Collateral Creations/BEL.


June 2012, BELGIUM

Publication of a portfolio of "The wall of chicon / witloof" in Le Vif/L'Express.


September 2011, ISRAEL

"The Green(er) Side of the Line" is being shown as a slideshow during the group exhibition (kaf be'September) at Spaceship / Hayarkon 70 - an independent contemporary art space in the centre of Tel Aviv. Opening on 10 September at 8pm...